Terms and Conditions

The provision of Recruitment and Selection (R&S) services contracted by the Client to Good4life is subject to the following General Conditions:

  1. The R&S service provided by Good4life begins with the opening of the process and ends with the selection of the candidate who will be working for the Client.

  2. Good4life undertakes to conduct a rigorous and thorough Selection process for all its candidates, verifying the professional references provided and criminal records, in order to confirm their qualifications and competencies. Good4life will present to the Client the candidates that best fit the desired profile, with the final decision resting with the Client.

  3. Good4life aims to ensure the suitability of the candidates presented to the Client, maintaining a high quality and integrity of the services provided, but does not guarantee, explicitly or implicitly, the suitability of the candidates presented to the client. Therefore, it is not responsible for any pecuniary, non-pecuniary, or other damages attributable to the candidate selected by the Client.

  4. The client undertakes to inform Good4life of any negotiations between themselves and the candidate, including communicating the definitive offer made to the candidate, the type of contract, and the start date of the hiring or provision of services. If this does not occur, the placement of the candidate with the client is considered valid within one week after the interview.

  5. Depending on the location of the interview, and if the client so chooses, they may bear the transportation expenses of the candidate.

  6. Good4life’s fees relate to the provision of R&S services in the Greater Porto area. The client must pay Good4life’s fees, as per the amount presented in the R&S proposal.

  7. Payment must be made via bank transfer or by sending a check. Good4life does not refund fees.

  8. Replacement Guarantee – If the employment contract between the candidate and the client ceases during the first 8 weeks, Good4life will proceed with a replacement at no additional cost to the client.

  9. All information provided to Good4life regarding candidates and clients is confidential.

  10. For the resolution of any disputes arising from the interpretation, execution, and termination of this contract, Portuguese law shall apply, and the civil court of the Porto district shall have jurisdiction, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction.